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You want commitment? Put on your best suit...

Get your arms around me, Now we're going down.

20 July 1989
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My Name is Amber. I have many nicknames, but the most common one is Ambie . Others include Ambs, Amps, Bambs, Crash, Bee, and Doll.

I'm shy until I get to know you... Then I'm weird, Crazy, funny, sweet, perverted, flirty and beyond spastic. But I swear you'll love it ^_^

I have a hectic and crazy life, which I complain about constantly... but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I'm 21, and my birthday is July 20th.

I'm a movie buff, and music FANATIC. You might hear me quoting things regularly.

I have become somewhat obsessed with the TV show HOUSE MD, and have seriously fallen for Hugh Laurie (who plays Greg House.)It's a little sad, but I love the show and can't seem to stop watching it.
I love to read! The best thing to do is to get sucked into the imaginary world that author created.

I enjoy writing poetry, or otherwise just writing in general. I've written a few songs before, But I suck at writing scores of music ^_^ One of these days I would love to start writing a book.

Harry Potter is the best book series I have ever read.J.K Rowling is a genius.

I absolutely ADORE dancing. I do it everyday.

I think kindness is the BEST medicine.

I'm against abortion.(unless there are spcial circumstances. Rape, genetic defects, Etc.) If you don't want a kid, don't have sex. Or use a condom. That simple? Yeah it is.

I work at Family Dollar. Shut Up, because it's awesome.

I'm a camera whore. I take lots of pictures.

I Love the colors Black, Pink and Blue. Especially together.

I am SUCH a girly girl. I can't help it, I like to look nice.